iPad at Low Yat KL?

Apple's Magical iPad

I was shopping today at Low Yatt building KL’s biggest techno complex. While shopping, I happened upon Apple’s iPad at the shopping complex. It was right in front of me and I noticed that it is rather small of course being slightly less than 10 inches.

I was pretty amused as I know Apple hasn’t yet officially launch the iPad for the international market. Just recently it was announced that the iPad will be launched internationally by end of May instead of end of April as it was previously announced.

Anyway, being curious I went and asked the seller of the price and on whether does it work well with the Malaysian App Store. The price he gave me was RM 2450. He couldn’t understand the second question that I poised at him. I took it as he doesn’t know anything about the iPad’s function let alone tried it out for himself as the box was still wrapped in its sealed up plastic.

I backed off later after that. Even if I was crazy enough to buy the machine, but could’ve it worked here properly in Malaysia? Or do I have to rely on these guys to upgrade the device for me like they did with the iPhone first generation?

Being an Apple enthusiast, of course I would love to own one but not this way. RM 2450 is a hefty price to pay for a device that costs a whole lot more less.

As keen as I am in owning an iPad, I shall wait and when it is available for release here, I would order it via Apple Online Store. I recently ordered an iPod touch via online and there wasn’t any hassle at all. Pretty good huh?

Guess I’ll be patient and wait till the end of May.


17 thoughts on “iPad at Low Yat KL?”

  1. Hi,
    I can answer that question. Yes, you can get apps for your iPad, but you have to download them from iTunes THROUGH your PC/laptop/Mac and then SYNC those apps with the device. No need to jailbreak or anything. HOWEVER, what you CAN’T do is to access the App Store on the device itself since it has yet to be launched here.
    However, once APPLE officially launch iPad here, you will be able to access the store from the device.
    RM 2450? Yeah, that’s pricey. But not as expensive as the RM 2800 price quoted earlier by some Low Yat-based traders.

  2. Hi Calvin,

    Thanks for answering the question. Your answer will definitely help potential buyers at Low Yat to make a decision whether to buy iPad or not. If I had known that earlier I too might have taken that plunge. This has gotta be one of my personal ‘what if’ moments 🙂

    Oh well, I suppose I have missed my golden opportunity since I’m now back home in the Land Below the Wind.

    Anyway after saying all that, looking back, it was an honour for me having to least look at the product right in front of me. I imagine that it would’ve been a magical experience to browse around it like what I’m doing with iPhone.

    Well at least I got something to look forward to for this year.

    Once again thanks for the answer 🙂

  3. You’re most welcome. Sigh..like you, I can only gawk at it now, but not buying it. Now that Apple has came out and say that the international launch will be further delayed, you can bet your money that more parallel importers will take advantage of that and jack up the price of iPad sold here. When do you think it’s going to be launched here officially? My guesstimate is sometime in the third quarter of 2010. Sigh…If ONLY I have Rm 2000++ lying around to be spent on such luxurious item…

    1. Your guesstimate is as good as mine on the actual launching of iPad Malaysia 🙂 My mind is actually set on the Wi Fi and 3g version since I’m always mobile and love surfing the net.

  4. i have bought my iPad 16GB wifi using RM2400 which still sealed in a box. hahhaaa. so i really enjoy the moment to unbox it slowly

    initiall b4 i buy it, i was thinking to wait until it officially laucnh in Malaysia, but as wat i see maybe have to wait until end of this year, predicted december 2010 will be available in malaysia, price arounRM1799 for 16GB wifi version. then that time maybe can do pre-order, so have to wait further few weeks only can get it.

    so at last i willing to pay additional few hundreds to get it now. after buying it, have a feeling i m syncronising wif the world, n i have more topics to talk wif my net frens who is oso apple enthusiasm, hehe

    after using it, i must said the screen is perfect to read books o wathc movies/photos, multi touch is excellent, battery life is great, very impressive wif the product. at 1st i thought my ipod touch is crispy in movies n photos, but if compare to iPad, a far way behind…. hahhahaha

    1. After 4 months of using iPhone, I’ve finally found the apps that is more me. I’m into books and comics, and I’ve been downloading ’em with iPhone. Getting an iPad will definitely blow me away when I start using these apps on it.

      However, in order for me to download my favorite comics, I would have to use my iTunes account. What happens if I buy iPad to download these items via my Malaysian iTunes account?

      I suppose there might be a pop-up notice saying that the iPad doesn’t support my Malaysian iTunes account since it isn’t officially released here yet.

      If this does ever happens to me, I’d probably kick myself in the nuts.

      So in order to prevent myself from becoming an eunuch I think I shall wait this one out.


  5. Its now July 15th. I am not yet in KL, but abroad. Has Apple launches the Ipad in Malaysia yet? If so, what is the price at Low yat?

    1. Like other patient Malaysians, I too am waiting for the official Apple iPad launch in Malaysia. I’m currently resisting the siren’s call to shop at Low Yat. Barely.

  6. I got the ipad 32gb wifi (3g not available then) for around 2.5K in May. Couldn’t resist! To ease the burden of paying so much upfront, took a 20 mth instalment plan fr my credit card. Int apps store was launched shortly after that, so could download apps direct, which I did. Have to say worth every sen! A good choice compared to iphone 4, which has some issues. Mine works fine.

    1. I got my iPad from Centrepoint KK. It’s available in Malaysia but one has to pay a hefty price for a funky device. Just for your info, it works just fine in Malaysia though not officially launched yet.

      I’ve managed to download my comics and books from the iPad and it looks great on the device. And I did this with my current Malaysian iTunes account. No problems.

      As for being a patient Malaysian, heh I guess I’ve decided to throw caution against the wind.

      It’s worth it.

      Steve Jobs was right when he described the iPad as being a magical device.

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