Apple iPad at Centrepoint, KK?

Apple iPad

I was in KK a few days ago when came across a vendor selling Apple iPad for RM2700 per piece. Naturally I was taken aback as I thought the product (unreleased in Malaysia) was only sold at KL’s Low Yat. Again I wrestled with my inner demons on whether to buy Steve Jobs’ latest offering or not.

I then decided not to; you see I download comic books through iPhone’s comiXology and Marvel apps. I fear that once after I buy the iPad, I might not able  to download comics using my current iTunes account as iPad is not yet officially released here in Sabah Malaysia.

So I guess I’ll wait for it to arrive here in 2011, which is my own estimate as Apple has further delayed the iPad’s international release date.

I’ve waited so long for iPhone to released here so I guess I can wait longer for iPad.

By the way does anyone know when Apple is unlocking its iTunes music store in Malaysia?


One thought on “Apple iPad at Centrepoint, KK?”

  1. helo.. where did you ipad store in centre point kota kinabalu? what is the name of the shop? rm2700 isit 3g? how many GB?

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