Business Reflections

I have been so super-busy recently that I haven’t had the time to update my blog. Sometimes there’s simply nothing interesting to write about. At other times the mood for me to write isn’t there.

In this quick post, I like to write about the loneliness of being a leader in a business organization.

1) Don’t Reveal Too Much Of The Company

As leader one has to learn to hold his tongue when discussing secrets of the company. I used to think that by sharing information with the staff (which was by the way a staff of only 2 people), they would understand the company’s status and share the burden. The idea was that we work as a team and we know the full situation together. So I believed in not keeping secrets just like what I done in an NGO. I failed to realize earlier that a business-based company and NGO-based organization were 2 separate disciplines. One revolves around money as the driving factor and the other revolves around communal volunteerism.

The problem that I’ve had before was that I was ready to work for free. While this trait is an asset in an NGO but a liability in an enterprise. In business, it’s all about getting and maintaining steady income for your staff , company overheads and ourselves or else we would end up eating sand for dinner. So basically business is life giving for without money there will be no life.

Anyway my point here is that when we reveal too much information of the business to the staff,they’ll get overly excited about nothing or start thinking that they’re very very important people. Yes even office boys sometimes think this way…


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