Business Reflections 3

3) Rich Men Wants More Money

I recently witnessed about men and money. Everybody needs money and everybody does not mind of having more of it. I use to take for granted that only needy would work so hard for money. After all that, they would then be happy and contented with they have for the rest of their lives.

Problem is that once a person has tasted money, he wants more and more. It’s no longer hunger that’s driving the person anymore, it is greed.

As I watch and observe these men of wealth, it has occur to me that it is all about the money. Human decency and moral values? Well, when it comes to money, those are merely formal notions where people merely states as social pleasantries.

The rich don’t really give a damn whether the staff and equipments are all in working order inside the company. The only thing that matters is profit received at the end of the day and of which they can happily spend.

I was recently present at a company board meeting. The heated agenda of the day was about money and it has taken the whole day to be resolved. It was a no holds barred battle between the CEO and COO of the company. CEO wants raises for his BOD but COO was concerned about the staffs’ well-being inside the company and opts for saving money in order to have ready standby cash for operation costs. In this particular business, safety is paramount. As I agree with the CEO of getting raises at the same time I also agree with the COO of seeing the cash-flow improvement first before giving out salary increases for the BOD.

I later found out that the CEO never thoroughly participated in the company’s operation side as he is more towards the wheeling and dealing for the business of which that he is good at. Nobody can actually deny his contribution to the company. They only feared his overly brash spending on entertainments for securing the contracts. I feel that the CEO should be more thorough and well-verse on his company’s internal situation as he is on its external situation. In this line, safety features are essential as this business is a high risk industry where people accidentally get killed while on duty.

At the end of the day, who profits the most? Well, I’m sure all of us know the answer to that question. I always wondered why the top people in any industry don’t care enough about the people working under them. I now know that money is source of all life, we simply can’t live without it. But like whisky, it should only be enjoyed in small doses otherwise it will prove to be mortally fatal, poisoning a person to self-destruct.

With this, I can say it’s better to take everything in moderation and just hope that your best is enough.


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