Peter Pang Leaves LDP

RM0 1/9: Sabah: LDP vice-president Peter Pang quits the party, amidst rumours that LDP will leave BN. Pang is currently Sabah deputy CM./MKINI


I received this SMS from MalaysiaKini yesterday. I didn’t at first see the significance of this move. I mean everybody knows that Datuk Peter Pang is one of Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman’s staunchest supporters. So when LDP decided to move against the CM, Pang chose to be aligned with the CM by relinquishing both his party and ministerial posts. Keeping only his state seat of Karamunting as a BN independent. Later PM Najib said that Pang wishes to join Gerakan another BN component party. I expected this one to happen because after all didn’t another of the CM’s men, Datuk Raymond Tan, left SAPP and joined Gerakan awhile ago? Apparently the CM kept him aboard because Raymond seem to be a smart businessman and is useful to his plans. So what’s the big deal, right?

What I didn’t see coming is that this could be an elaborate plan to take down the CM of Sabah and LDP is the lightning rod.

Speculators has been theorising for months that by year end CM Musa would be soon be replaced. This recent incident could be the beginning of the end for Musa.

LDP is to be the first strike. Others are soon to follow. No way that LDP acted without the blessings of the other component parties, most particularly Umno. The Umno warlords are not happy with Musa and they want him now. They believe that the CM’s appetite for 5% projects could cost them the coming 13th General Election.

It’s time for change. Whether or not is it for the better is yet to be seen.


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