Business Reflections 4 – Patience

It’s been quite awhile since my last post. A lot of things happened in my life since September. I’ve had many issues to settle and they were mainly about business.

We are now in November. Next month we’ll commence our business that took us 5 years to set-up. I’m more relaxed as we’ve completed all the specification that is required as per the nature of our business. Now we’re waiting for the trial run that is going to take place in the week after next. I guess you can say that I’m anxious though at the same time numbed by the processing.

Looking back, we didn’t do very much in bribing the already corrupted system. I guess that’s why we got bogged down as we didn’t play by their rules but we play by the law of this land.

Patience is paramount to success. Patience enables us to step back and assess any given difficulties of the moment. No matter how bleak the situation is, patience causes us to be calm. Calmness is most needed in order for any solution to be created.

With patience, we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings because from here we realize that everybody is needed in order for our venture to be successful. Even from the most humble workman to the most highly trained professional, we must treat them with the deepest respect.

I have to admit that it always isn’t easy being patient. I lost it many times and I had to drag myself back on that path over and over again. Sure there were doubts in my head and I have to convince myself over and over again that this path is the way. Everyday our beliefs are being challenged. But we stayed on course. So far so good.

My way to stay on course? I’ll give it in point form. I might elaborate on it or I might not. Depending on whatever tomorrow bring. Anyway here goes…

1. Bi-weekly lymphatic massage treatment.

2. Infrared sauna, 3 times a week

3. Morning walks

4. Fibre drinks and lots of veggies and fruits to go with meals

5. Dinners with the Mrs before heading home to the kids. These dinners stems out useful and vital conversations needed to alleviate stress level.

6. Cool movies

7. Chats with friends

8. Water 🙂

9. Family and friends rapport

10. Apple products 🙂

I’m sure there’s more but I shall leave it at that for the moment. Right now I so wanna post something for this month 🙂


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