iYear 2010 / Part iPhone 4

Continuing from iYear 2010/Part iPhone 3GS

I suppose the title above is a dead give-away of my next acquisition. It is the best phone ever produced in the market and I cannot understand the fusses over Google Android phones. I’ve tried one before and it didn’t ring out anything special for me. Before I go further here’s the gadget in its iGlory…

iPhone 4

My first impression about this phone is it’s aluminum bezel. I’ve never seen such a beautiful design on a mobile phone before. I’ve had this device since 1st November 2010 and I still couldn’t get over the craftsmanship. The retina display feature is truly mind boggling. My wife said that it is like having HD in the palm of your hand. The video recording and photo-taking features of iPhone 4 is fantastic. I was recording my daughter’s dance performance and it really look great despite the poor lighting of the area we were in. Of course it would have helped if my hands wouldn’t shake so much. I’m still new in this video recording thing as my sole interest is motivated by my daughter performances. I remember Steve Jobs used to mention that he loves photo-taking as well as video-shooting so that he can store countless memories. At that time I wasn’t really into those kind of thing however recently I find myself agreeing to Jobs’ sentiments. Yes I am indeed getting older especially when the little ones are growing up very quickly.

In getting iPhone 4 I was at first very hesitant. I mean I just gotten a replacement iPhone 3GS just recently and suddenly I already wanted an upgrade? Yes normally a person would wait until for the current phone wear off before going for a full upgrade. What won me over? Well, it’s the design baby, the design.

Remember when iPhone 4’s photo was leaked over the internet in early 2010?

I felt that it wasn’t fake because it looked too well finished. I thought it was beautiful and best iPhone so far. I then hoped that it was the real deal but at the same time I was disappointed because I wanted Steve Jobs to be the one unveiling this iPhone instead of Gizmodo.com. Many felt pretty much let down but some even think that it was just a marketing gimmick. Well for me if it was only a gimmick then shouldn’t it been blurred just a little instead of a full-exposure? I think it was indeed an accident on the part of the Apple engineer who left it at a bar after a few rounds of German beer.

All the iOS apps run very well on iPhone 4’s retina display in which I find surpasses iPad’s screen display. I find myself in difficult situations sometimes in whether to use iPhone 4 or iPad. The outcome of the decision didn’t bring an end to poverty or change the world  but made one iOS user very happy.

At the moment I’m still holding on to both iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, the former serves as a work phone and the latter a private phone. A work phone is self explanatory and a private phone is where I play with it when I’m off duty. One wouldn’t want to be interrupted playing Angry Birds on retina display when suddenly work related calls starts ringing.

I was contemplating upon getting the BlackBerry Bold 9700 but thought against it as I realized that in my line of work I don’t need one. Plus I stressed out whenever that annoying blinking red light gets going. I don’t need to know your response that soon I promise. So I got iPhone 3GS as the work phone. Besides by now I’ve already gotten use to touch screen so there’s no point of regressing.

iPhone 4 appears to be very fragile due to its glass exterior. I freaked out every time a thought of it falling and breaking to bits comes to mind. Oh and it has dropped once since I first had it on November 1st, 2010. Almost died then :p.

Anyway since I now own 2 iPhones, the better one gets to be my after 5 phone. I have to admit that iPhone 3GS form is much suited in being a work warrior. It’s curved back rests nicely over my palms and feels safe and secure as I typed away on its virtual keyboard.

Rumours are abound saying that 2011 would see an iPhone 5 but of course I for one wouldn’t think so. Apple still needs to make back its money first from iPhone 4.

Ok I’m done with this post but I’ve few more iGadgets to “review” so stay tuned to this space 🙂


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