iYear 2010 / Part Magic Mouse

Continued from iYear 2010 / Part iPhone 4

Sometime in April, I made some money and so with it I bought myself not one but two Magic Mouse! One for my MacBook and the other for my Mac Mini.

I find the Magic Mouse much better than Mighty Mouse. For one it’s basically a trackpad mouse and has no trackball that keeps jamming on you. I find Magic Mouse to be revolutionary because no other company were making anything like that until just recently.

I’m very satisfied with this product due to it’s workability and design form. The surface ismade from glass and easy to clean in case of smudges just like any Apple products.

Steve Jobs once said that Apple won’t be making touchscreen PCs because ergonomically that won’t be possible. You still need a mouse to navigate. I think once the Lion OSX gets released only then we can utilise the Magic Mouse’s true potential. The Lion OSX interface is derived from the iOS which is touchscreen operated.

Nothing much I can say about Magic Mouse except that if you own a Mac, just get it because it is worth the money as well as durable. To find out more checkout the Apple website for more detailed specifications.


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