Mac App Store Now Online

I spent the better part of last night trying out the Mac App Store. The interface is like iTunes but only meant only for Mac users. So far there aren’t very much apps to get. I just downloaded a couple free apps just to test them out. Yes, it does indeed downloads like iTunes and once downloaded it is good to go.

I recently purchased a MacBook Pro 17″ and planned to get Pages ’11 from the Mac App Store instead of buying Page ’09 from the shop. It appears that my hopes were in vain as iWork hasn’t yet been upgraded in the Mac App Store. I’m not sure once I buy ’09 whether would I get a free upgrade to ’11 or not. So I think I’m just going to wait and see in these next few days before making plunges that I don’t need to make.


I just went and bought Angry Birds from the Mac App Store for $4.99 (RM 15.33) at this very second! Now it’s half way downloading. I will check it out in a bit and see the difference using a 17″ screen.

Ok I’ve tried the first game and it’s still the same as you find on your iPhone and iPad. The graphics is totally amazing running on MacBook Pro 17″ high resolution display. The game is about catapulting a few Angry Birds at some green pigs by smashing through the walls and barriers that protects the green villains that stole the Angry Birds’ eggs. It’s pretty good. You can even get them from Android app store if you own an Android smartphone.

I’m very impressed so far with Apple’s development with the Mac. Now we shall wait for OSX Lion to arrive and I’m sure it would become another hit for Apple.


One thought on “Mac App Store Now Online”

  1. I keep on reading and hearing about Angry Birds these I know what is Angry Birds.LOL..thanks for posting this.

    Don`t mind of I follow your blog

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