Business Blues – (Business Reflections 5)

Today I’ve been told that I have to pump in about 75k into the business. I could feel my body shivered after hearing that. Yes it has been awhile since I last posted here. I have indeed been a little bit busy. Well, more than a little bit anyway.

My life has been like this since the business went operational on December 2010, money in and money out. It has been a truly challenging year. My hair went white about 2 years ago. There was a time when I actually dyed my hair but soon gave up after being whacked left, right and centre in this stressful business.

Setting up this business was hard as I’ve mentioned before in this blog. Running the business is much harder. I didn’t had to deal with so many people before during the construction period. Now I’ve got a management team, teachers and staff under me. I am now head of a business organization for nearly a year and it has already given me a beating of epic proportions.

Being a business owner is different as to being a general manager. The business owner’s priority is to cover the financial aspects of the business to ensure smooth running of the organization. So it is our responsibility to make sure there’s enough funds for monthly expenses.

I do realize that I’m a bit down about this news I just receive but blogging about it makes me feel better. Especially when I’m typing this on my 11″ MacBook Air which is very ideal for blogging. I tried blogging using iPad but I get tired quickly by doing that. Somehow the ergonomics doesn’t suite me. I’m a pretty big guy with big hands by the way so the MacBook Air’s keyboard is more comfortable for me. I’m typing this down at a Starbucks joint sitting on an armchair with the MacBook Air on my lap. How cool is that?

Though I’m supposed to be lamenting about my business woes in this post, I would like to write further about this neat little MacBook Air. I bought it after the passing of the great Steve Jobs. I needed to get something special in tribute to this great man. I’ve been following his keynotes, articles, books and news about him. When he died, I felt very sad because my inspiration in building and running this business has died. What inspired me about him is that despite all the odds, he managed to rescue and turn around Apple into the giant that it is today. He turned a doomed company into one of the most profitable companies in the world. Yes I know my business will never be near to Apple but I learn to not surrender easily to pressure and to keep pushing forward.

To think about it, I’m actually in a much better position than I was 2 months ago when I was truly broke. A deal I made managed to pull through so I was saved. That also meant the staff got their salaries on time. We made it look easy but a lot of pain went in the process. I guess that’s the sacrifice leaders have to make in order to succeed.

Anyway I’m feeling quite better now after blogging about it. I remember mentioning that blogging in a way is like therapy when I first started this blog in 2008.

I will do what is necessary for my company’s survival but I won’t lose sleep over it.

Life is too short, I’ll just do the best that I can and live with it.


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