Pre-Election 13 Blues :)

It has been a long time since I last posted here. To those of you who were actually following this blog I seek your apologies. I have been busy sorting out my life that kept me from blogging. In fact, I nearly forgotten the password to this site! But now I’m here and I guess I’ll be here for quite a bit. Things have change and I think its for the better.

The 13th Malaysia Election is nearing. Many people think it will be in June so parliament should be dissolved anytime soon. My family has been in politics for a very long time and I wonder whether this is going to be the end of it all. Maybe the opposition parties may this time increase their numbers in parliament and may still remain on the opposing side. But this time Barisan Nasional (BN) will be weaken especially in West Malaysia in light of the recent political scandals and Besih 3.0 rally.

In one of RPK’s recent postings, he claimed that PKR used the Bersih 3.0 event to stage a “Malaysian Spring” by launching the “Occupy Dataran”. After reading the article, I can see why the government acted aggressively towards the participants. We could have lose the present government that day. Whether or not RPK was telling the truth or simply telling a tale, I don’t know. All I can see that if the coup came to pass then we would be in a state of anarchy by now.

The present government has its many problems that hasn’t yet been resolved since decades ago. Once the opposition takes over, they will merely take over the previous government’s unresolved issues and will have a hell of a time trying to sort them out. Then Election 14 comes suddenly and the new government has already become the government with the many unresolved issues. They can complain ” oh that was from the BN administration so it has nothing to do with us” but the thing is the reason that they were voted in the first place was to bring and exact “change” in the government.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of comments in Facebook where people are complaining about this and that. Many are from the youth venting their grievances about the government of the day. Well, none offered any plan of action on what would they do if they would been given the opportunity to lead. People can always talk because its cheap and doesn’t cost a thing. In the end of the day, whoever wins the elections there’ll be no significant changes. Yes, one will always begin with good intentions but becomes ridiculously pathetic near the end as one scrambles to gather his or her “retirement benefits” to ensure maintaining the fine standards of living that they were accustomed to before. I can say most people at the top live very very well. It can get very opulent. No joke!

Being a business owner, it saddens me to see nothing is being run properly in Sabah. Basic infrastructures like roads, electricity and water are not being well taken care for. When you go see somebody high up in the district council he or she also don’t dare to put his or her foot down because fearing to offend the other fellow on the wrong. And if that happens, the poor powerful person finds himself transferred in some remote poor area in Sabah and the business owner who made the complaint becomes a pariah in his community.

Right now, due to the nature of my business, I’m dealing with a government agency which is one of the Top 5 Most Corrupted Agencies in Malaysia. I can say that they aren’t making life any easier for us! The things that they want from us are crazy! But that’s part of life so the best thing is to roll with the blows. The changes will eventually come but it has to be gradual. It took Barrack Obama 200 over years to ascend the US Presidency as result of the American Civil War. So for Malaysia to actually attain the necessary changes, we must be consistent and matured enough to accept that many of the changes could be achieved and implemented after our lifetime. The future generation will be the main beneficiaries.

One may think that I may sound a tad cryptic but I’ve seen enough of my family members and friends been taken before their time. Life is so fragile and death is a certainty. The ideal way to live is to become aware of this fact and start building up our foundation so that our children and their future generation won’t have to struggle too much in this world.


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