After Lahad Datu, Whom Can We Now Trust?

Hello everybody, I apologize for not posting for a very long time. A lot of things has happened since my last post so I didn’t have the opportunity nor the temperament to compose my thoughts.

Anyway, I shall begin with a rather short and simple posting. What’s in my mind right now is the aftermath of the Lahad Datu attacks and its following series of attacks in Semporna and other places at the east coast of Sabah.

I’m based in the west coast so we are pretty much secured around here though I have to admit that we were also very worrried about our own safety. When we heard that our army has arrived at several points of our state, I felt relieved and now everything is getting back to normal.

As this is a short post, I’ll get right to the point; I don’t think UMNO in Sabah is going to fare well in coming general elections. I also feel that the other component parties that are associated with UMNO are going to be facing a political nightmare.

I believe the Lahad Datu attacks amidst the RCI hearings is the turning point of the future of our country. At one point of time, the KDMs were the majority population of Sabah and due to the influx of illegal immigrants into our state, the KDMs are now the minority.

Yes our army is doing a fantastic job in protecting our state no doubt about it.

But who let the illegal immigrants in the first place will become the biggest political RM 1 million question this coming general election.


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