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GLCs keen on bond to sukuk

KL 3/8: GLCs & firms keen to restructure their bonds into sukuk to raise capital as its rates are now attractive to refinance/BERNAMA


Business Snippets 30/07/09

KL 30/7: Petronas to buy entire stake in petrochemical group, OPTIMAL Group of Companies, for US$600 mln from US firm Dow Chemical Co/BERNAMA

Kota Bahru 30/7: Bernas to buy back part of the 31 pct equity shares in the company owned by Hong Kong firm, Wang Tak Co. Ltd/BERNAMA

KL 30/7: Inland Revenue Board’s gross tax collection as at July 28, was at RM50.712 bln, 1.12 pct higher compared to same period in 2008/BERNAMA

KL 30/7: IOI Corporation’s plan to raise up to RM1.22 bln in a rights issue will not affect its dividend payout/BERNAMA

KL 30/7: Citibank M’sia plans to set up 4 new conventional branches in early 2010. It also intend to apply for an Islamic subsidiary/BERNAMA

Paper Prices Soars 30% More

KL 29/7: Paper prices, which rose more than 30 pct since March to RM350 to RM400 per ton, are expected to soar in next few months/BERNAMA

New IP Node For Malaysia In Q2 2009 : Bernama SMS 10/02/09

KL 10/02: Telekom and Verizon Business jointly developing a new M’sian IP node to support delivery of advanced data. It is due to go live in Q2 2009/Bernama

SC Approves 3 New Foreign Islamic Fund Managements – Bernama SMS 29/01/09

KL 29/01: The SC approves 3 new foreign Islamic fund management companies, as part of 5 licences issued to broaden participation in capital market/Bernama

NAZA Penang Plant Delayed : Bernama SMS 29/01/09

KL 29/01: Naza group, a major automative group with manufacturing plant in Kedah, delays plan for another plant in Penang due to economic slowdown/Bernama.

TNB Incurs Loss-Bernama SMS 19/01/09 (2)

19/01 KL: TNB incurs net Q1 loss of RM944.1 mln, after accounting for a forex translation loss of RM1.439 bln. Revenue rose to RM7.89 bln/Bernama

Leo Moggie TNB Chairmanship Extended- Bernama SMS 19/01/09

19/01 KL: Tan Sri Amar Leo Moggie’s tenure as chairman of TNB has been extended for another two years from March 12, 2009./Bernama

Proton Savvy : Thailand Top 10

This is what I got in my sms today:

“14/01 : Proton Savvy has been voted as Thailand’s top 10 cars in 2008 by The Nation’s car writers/Bernama SMS.”

Not bad Proton! This ‘miracle car‘ a term coined by others due to its fuel saving features is definitely earning its title in spades!
Just to let you guys know that this car is great to drive around in especially when we need to run errands in the city. As you know one of KK City’s main problem is parking and this little dude can squeeze into any legal corner available. Being an owner (mine is red but I wanted black hence the picture) I find it extremely useful and friendly towards the contents of my wallet! 
I’ve tried searching for the report at The Nation website but to no avail. Instead I went over to the Bernama website and there it was. I suppose the story that was featured has not yet been released in its web-form.
I suppose that I’m feeling pangs of joy when I read this news. But in my honest opinion, the quality of Proton cars today isn’t as robust and durable as the classic Proton Saga (1st Generation)…
Anyway, if given a choice right now, I’d jump at a Toyota anytime. It would either be a Toyota Yaris…
…or a Toyota Vios as shown below;
Meanwhile, I just have to be content with what I have. My Savvy is definitely easy on the fuel consumption especially during these rough times. However sometimes I feel the little car might conk out anytime while on the road (it happened before)! I suppose this is what you get when you buy a cheaper car, it has high features in certain parts and low in everything else!
I had the opportunity to test drive a Toyota Vios and it felt great! So that’s the reason for my preference… oh well, I hope that this year’s fortunes will be positive…

Bernama SMS 30/12/08 (4)

Kl30/12: The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Bhd (NSTP) today announced that its deputy chairman, Datuk Seri Kalimullah Hassan has resign/BERNAMA

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