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Pre-Election 13 Blues :)

It has been a long time since I last posted here. To those of you who were actually following this blog I seek your apologies. I have been busy sorting out my life that kept me from blogging. In fact, I nearly forgotten the password to this site! But now I’m here and I guess I’ll be here for quite a bit. Things have change and I think its for the better.

The 13th Malaysia Election is nearing. Many people think it will be in June so parliament should be dissolved anytime soon. My family has been in politics for a very long time and I wonder whether this is going to be the end of it all. Maybe the opposition parties may this time increase their numbers in parliament and may still remain on the opposing side. But this time Barisan Nasional (BN) will be weaken especially in West Malaysia in light of the recent political scandals and Besih 3.0 rally.

In one of RPK’s recent postings, he claimed that PKR used the Bersih 3.0 event to stage a “Malaysian Spring” by launching the “Occupy Dataran”. After reading the article, I can see why the government acted aggressively towards the participants. We could have lose the present government that day. Whether or not RPK was telling the truth or simply telling a tale, I don’t know. All I can see that if the coup came to pass then we would be in a state of anarchy by now.

The present government has its many problems that hasn’t yet been resolved since decades ago. Once the opposition takes over, they will merely take over the previous government’s unresolved issues and will have a hell of a time trying to sort them out. Then Election 14 comes suddenly and the new government has already become the government with the many unresolved issues. They can complain ” oh that was from the BN administration so it has nothing to do with us” but the thing is the reason that they were voted in the first place was to bring and exact “change” in the government.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of comments in Facebook where people are complaining about this and that. Many are from the youth venting their grievances about the government of the day. Well, none offered any plan of action on what would they do if they would been given the opportunity to lead. People can always talk because its cheap and doesn’t cost a thing. In the end of the day, whoever wins the elections there’ll be no significant changes. Yes, one will always begin with good intentions but becomes ridiculously pathetic near the end as one scrambles to gather his or her “retirement benefits” to ensure maintaining the fine standards of living that they were accustomed to before. I can say most people at the top live very very well. It can get very opulent. No joke!

Being a business owner, it saddens me to see nothing is being run properly in Sabah. Basic infrastructures like roads, electricity and water are not being well taken care for. When you go see somebody high up in the district council he or she also don’t dare to put his or her foot down because fearing to offend the other fellow on the wrong. And if that happens, the poor powerful person finds himself transferred in some remote poor area in Sabah and the business owner who made the complaint becomes a pariah in his community.

Right now, due to the nature of my business, I’m dealing with a government agency which is one of the Top 5 Most Corrupted Agencies in Malaysia. I can say that they aren’t making life any easier for us! The things that they want from us are crazy! But that’s part of life so the best thing is to roll with the blows. The changes will eventually come but it has to be gradual. It took Barrack Obama 200 over years to ascend the US Presidency as result of the American Civil War. So for Malaysia to actually attain the necessary changes, we must be consistent and matured enough to accept that many of the changes could be achieved and implemented after our lifetime. The future generation will be the main beneficiaries.

One may think that I may sound a tad cryptic but I’ve seen enough of my family members and friends been taken before their time. Life is so fragile and death is a certainty. The ideal way to live is to become aware of this fact and start building up our foundation so that our children and their future generation won’t have to struggle too much in this world.


Business Blues – (Business Reflections 5)

Today I’ve been told that I have to pump in about 75k into the business. I could feel my body shivered after hearing that. Yes it has been awhile since I last posted here. I have indeed been a little bit busy. Well, more than a little bit anyway.

My life has been like this since the business went operational on December 2010, money in and money out. It has been a truly challenging year. My hair went white about 2 years ago. There was a time when I actually dyed my hair but soon gave up after being whacked left, right and centre in this stressful business.

Setting up this business was hard as I’ve mentioned before in this blog. Running the business is much harder. I didn’t had to deal with so many people before during the construction period. Now I’ve got a management team, teachers and staff under me. I am now head of a business organization for nearly a year and it has already given me a beating of epic proportions.

Being a business owner is different as to being a general manager. The business owner’s priority is to cover the financial aspects of the business to ensure smooth running of the organization. So it is our responsibility to make sure there’s enough funds for monthly expenses.

I do realize that I’m a bit down about this news I just receive but blogging about it makes me feel better. Especially when I’m typing this on my 11″ MacBook Air which is very ideal for blogging. I tried blogging using iPad but I get tired quickly by doing that. Somehow the ergonomics doesn’t suite me. I’m a pretty big guy with big hands by the way so the MacBook Air’s keyboard is more comfortable for me. I’m typing this down at a Starbucks joint sitting on an armchair with the MacBook Air on my lap. How cool is that?

Though I’m supposed to be lamenting about my business woes in this post, I would like to write further about this neat little MacBook Air. I bought it after the passing of the great Steve Jobs. I needed to get something special in tribute to this great man. I’ve been following his keynotes, articles, books and news about him. When he died, I felt very sad because my inspiration in building and running this business has died. What inspired me about him is that despite all the odds, he managed to rescue and turn around Apple into the giant that it is today. He turned a doomed company into one of the most profitable companies in the world. Yes I know my business will never be near to Apple but I learn to not surrender easily to pressure and to keep pushing forward.

To think about it, I’m actually in a much better position than I was 2 months ago when I was truly broke. A deal I made managed to pull through so I was saved. That also meant the staff got their salaries on time. We made it look easy but a lot of pain went in the process. I guess that’s the sacrifice leaders have to make in order to succeed.

Anyway I’m feeling quite better now after blogging about it. I remember mentioning that blogging in a way is like therapy when I first started this blog in 2008.

I will do what is necessary for my company’s survival but I won’t lose sleep over it.

Life is too short, I’ll just do the best that I can and live with it.

Mentor : A Revelation

(This particular post was imported from my other site Jongandhi III of which I’ve started  on June 15th. This was before my eyes were opened by the world. A lot has changed ever since then especially my views and feelings. As I read through, I thought for the sake of documentation, to publish this post. Besides I was pretty frustrated then and it’s part of my process, so I’ve decided to finish it off. Something to look back upon…)

I know I haven’t been writing much.

Heck, I don’t even bothered to post the sms’

I just got back from a recent 3-day business trip from Kuala Lumpur. It was a meeting dinner whereby our group were supposed to brief the VVIP about our proposal. We had dinner at a fancy Japanese restaurant.

Sounds nice, right? Well, the whole episode would’ve been perfect if our guy, the presenter, hadn’t stood us up! That’s right, he didn’t turned up! He was stuck at another meeting in another country!

Luckily somebody (and me :p) from our group managed to salvage the remains of our shattered ‘corporate’ image.


The next day, I made plans to catch up and meet one of my former mentors during my formative days. This particular mentor was one of the top leaders of the NGO that I was once with. In fact, he even became the organization’s national governor! More on him as we go along…

Though it wasn’t mentioned in the organization by-laws, to become a prominent leader, one must be ready to offer sacrifices to its causes. Traveling within and outside the country requires money. You also get to sacrifice valuable family time just so you can advance further another level in a non-paying career. The publicity though was fantastic. You get to rub shoulders with ministers,government officers and the public. Praises from them would be the only reward a hard-working volunteer would ever get.

Sounds great right? Wait, it gets better. Once you become famous the next thing that’ll happen is that you’d be a victim of jealousy within the organization. Then they would work in unison to bring you down. I experienced it all. And I’m never returning again. Enough is enough.

Once the dust settles, everything becomes clear. You tend to see stuff that you never noticed at first. Things like knowing who are the real friends and who are not. Who can do work and who can just talk. You know the rest.

So anyway, back to my mentor. For a person who has attained the highest office possible in the NGO, when he goes outside to find work he then gets a paying non-profit organization job. I don’t know much he’s getting but it must be miserable if you’re bunking in with a young family. Yet at the NGO long ago he was one of the political powerhouses.

Am I supposed to end up that way? In this particular NGO the catch of being a youth based organization is the age factor. So I suppose that is the reason why people in such situation would be driven in their pursuit of once in a lifetime positions. The danger in this pursuit is that one tends to lose his/herself and ends losing their family, job and time. Some members I know done all these in their youth who are now only just embarking in finding businesses and jobs in their fourties. Not many succeeded though. Personally I feel that jobs and businesses should be the main focus of people in their twenties and thirties.

Having recognition is great, if only you have the means to maintain it. No point in doing wonderful charitable work if your own backyard is a total mess.

Saying so, I’ve decided to move on and seek greener pastures. My time in this organization, though has its many fond memories, is officially over. Besides if I were to endure jealousy and hypocrisy, I would like to earn some money doing it….

NH3-New Home III

I don’t know what is happening with The Jongandhi Blog‘s settings. It doesn’t seem to include the dates and times of my postings. So I’ve decided to create another blog-site. By the way this is my third blog.

My second blog was created using WordPress. I like it very much however lately I find that it has been lagging; I can’t seem to access its dashboard as quickly as before. The dashboard itself is laden with items that I don’t really use and care about. Since I’m on the move most of the time, I like to blog on the go. Gadget isn’t as user friendly as compared to So portability is a biggie for me. After saying all that, I still think WordPress is an excellent tool for blog creation. Its just that now I just need to only do some basic stuff.
So this leads me back to Blogger and a new blog! To tell you the truth, I don’t know what to expect out of this yet but nothing is absolute. Hence the creation of this blog.
As I write this, I find Blogger’s writing features are soothing to a very much pressured mind. It almost brings back fond memories of my first posting. Well, almost… as nothing can ever beat the first time! 🙂
Catch you later!

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