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Mac App Store Now Online

I spent the better part of last night trying out the Mac App Store. The interface is like iTunes but only meant only for Mac users. So far there aren’t very much apps to get. I just downloaded a couple free apps just to test them out. Yes, it does indeed downloads like iTunes and once downloaded it is good to go.

I recently purchased a MacBook Pro 17″ and planned to get Pages ’11 from the Mac App Store instead of buying Page ’09 from the shop. It appears that my hopes were in vain as iWork hasn’t yet been upgraded in the Mac App Store. I’m not sure once I buy ’09 whether would I get a free upgrade to ’11 or not. So I think I’m just going to wait and see in these next few days before making plunges that I don’t need to make.


I just went and bought Angry Birds from the Mac App Store for $4.99 (RM 15.33) at this very second! Now it’s half way downloading. I will check it out in a bit and see the difference using a 17″ screen.

Ok I’ve tried the first game and it’s still the same as you find on your iPhone and iPad. The graphics is totally amazing running on MacBook Pro 17″ high resolution display. The game is about catapulting a few Angry Birds at some green pigs by smashing through the walls and barriers that protects the green villains that stole the Angry Birds’ eggs. It’s pretty good. You can even get them from Android app store if you own an Android smartphone.

I’m very impressed so far with Apple’s development with the Mac. Now we shall wait for OSX Lion to arrive and I’m sure it would become another hit for Apple.


iYear 2010 / Part Magic Mouse

Continued from iYear 2010 / Part iPhone 4

Sometime in April, I made some money and so with it I bought myself not one but two Magic Mouse! One for my MacBook and the other for my Mac Mini.

I find the Magic Mouse much better than Mighty Mouse. For one it’s basically a trackpad mouse and has no trackball that keeps jamming on you. I find Magic Mouse to be revolutionary because no other company were making anything like that until just recently.

I’m very satisfied with this product due to it’s workability and design form. The surface ismade from glass and easy to clean in case of smudges just like any Apple products.

Steve Jobs once said that Apple won’t be making touchscreen PCs because ergonomically that won’t be possible. You still need a mouse to navigate. I think once the Lion OSX gets released only then we can utilise the Magic Mouse’s true potential. The Lion OSX interface is derived from the iOS which is touchscreen operated.

Nothing much I can say about Magic Mouse except that if you own a Mac, just get it because it is worth the money as well as durable. To find out more checkout the Apple website for more detailed specifications.

iYear 2010 / Part iPhone 4

Continuing from iYear 2010/Part iPhone 3GS

I suppose the title above is a dead give-away of my next acquisition. It is the best phone ever produced in the market and I cannot understand the fusses over Google Android phones. I’ve tried one before and it didn’t ring out anything special for me. Before I go further here’s the gadget in its iGlory…

iPhone 4

My first impression about this phone is it’s aluminum bezel. I’ve never seen such a beautiful design on a mobile phone before. I’ve had this device since 1st November 2010 and I still couldn’t get over the craftsmanship. The retina display feature is truly mind boggling. My wife said that it is like having HD in the palm of your hand. The video recording and photo-taking features of iPhone 4 is fantastic. I was recording my daughter’s dance performance and it really look great despite the poor lighting of the area we were in. Of course it would have helped if my hands wouldn’t shake so much. I’m still new in this video recording thing as my sole interest is motivated by my daughter performances. I remember Steve Jobs used to mention that he loves photo-taking as well as video-shooting so that he can store countless memories. At that time I wasn’t really into those kind of thing however recently I find myself agreeing to Jobs’ sentiments. Yes I am indeed getting older especially when the little ones are growing up very quickly.

In getting iPhone 4 I was at first very hesitant. I mean I just gotten a replacement iPhone 3GS just recently and suddenly I already wanted an upgrade? Yes normally a person would wait until for the current phone wear off before going for a full upgrade. What won me over? Well, it’s the design baby, the design.

Remember when iPhone 4’s photo was leaked over the internet in early 2010?

I felt that it wasn’t fake because it looked too well finished. I thought it was beautiful and best iPhone so far. I then hoped that it was the real deal but at the same time I was disappointed because I wanted Steve Jobs to be the one unveiling this iPhone instead of Many felt pretty much let down but some even think that it was just a marketing gimmick. Well for me if it was only a gimmick then shouldn’t it been blurred just a little instead of a full-exposure? I think it was indeed an accident on the part of the Apple engineer who left it at a bar after a few rounds of German beer.

All the iOS apps run very well on iPhone 4’s retina display in which I find surpasses iPad’s screen display. I find myself in difficult situations sometimes in whether to use iPhone 4 or iPad. The outcome of the decision didn’t bring an end to poverty or change the world  but made one iOS user very happy.

At the moment I’m still holding on to both iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, the former serves as a work phone and the latter a private phone. A work phone is self explanatory and a private phone is where I play with it when I’m off duty. One wouldn’t want to be interrupted playing Angry Birds on retina display when suddenly work related calls starts ringing.

I was contemplating upon getting the BlackBerry Bold 9700 but thought against it as I realized that in my line of work I don’t need one. Plus I stressed out whenever that annoying blinking red light gets going. I don’t need to know your response that soon I promise. So I got iPhone 3GS as the work phone. Besides by now I’ve already gotten use to touch screen so there’s no point of regressing.

iPhone 4 appears to be very fragile due to its glass exterior. I freaked out every time a thought of it falling and breaking to bits comes to mind. Oh and it has dropped once since I first had it on November 1st, 2010. Almost died then :p.

Anyway since I now own 2 iPhones, the better one gets to be my after 5 phone. I have to admit that iPhone 3GS form is much suited in being a work warrior. It’s curved back rests nicely over my palms and feels safe and secure as I typed away on its virtual keyboard.

Rumours are abound saying that 2011 would see an iPhone 5 but of course I for one wouldn’t think so. Apple still needs to make back its money first from iPhone 4.

Ok I’m done with this post but I’ve few more iGadgets to “review” so stay tuned to this space 🙂

iYear 2010 / Part iPhone 3GS

I was meaning to post my experiences of all the iDevices that I have acquired  in 2010. Unfortunately time wasn’t on my side thus I didn’t have the chance to do so. 2010 has been an interesting year where I managed to get myself some Apple goodies.

iPhone 3GS

I remember having sleepless nights with this phone. My favorite app is ComiXology and I always look forward going through whatever comics that are available every week. My favorite games are the Monkey Island series as well as the Broken Sword series. These are remastered versions of games that I’ve never got the chance to play while I was schooling and lacking a PC in the late 80s and early 90s. So with this device, I went crazy catching up with lost opportunities. Later I progressed to games like Angry Birds which is a good stress reliever app. At the most difficult start of 2010, iPhone 3GS has helped me weather through the toughest time of my life. Without it, I might have gone quite mad.

Sometime in October 2010, the On/Off button of iPhone 3GS had accidentally broken off. Naturally I was upset. I even tried taping it with a tiny wiring casing but of course it wasn’t the same. After 3 weeks of imperfection, I gave up and went over to my service provider Maxis to see whether they can fix the annoying mishap. They told me to hand over iPhone 3GS to see what they can do about it. I was fidgeting throughout the 1 month waiting period and my swear words vocabulary has taken a quantum leap especially whenever I start pounding my old tiny Sony-Ericsson W880i with hands of which, on that very moment, I found out to be huge.

The classic Sony Ericsson W880i

For your information, W880i is still going strong and is our household’s very own emergency handphone to this day. On its free time, W880i becomes part of my sons’ Ben 10 accessories…

Anyway coming back to the story, Maxis gave me a call (after much persistence from yours truly) to come and pick up iPhone 3GS from their shoppe. Whatever grievances I’ve developed during the 1 month waiting period has eroded because Apple has replaced the phone with another brand new iPhone 3GS! Since my warranty was still valid thus I was entitled to such an honor. I just personally experienced Apple’s dedication to their customers’ satisfaction and I am one very satisfied and happy customer. However, this joy was about to be shortly overtaken by another Apple monster gadget…

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Make Mine iPad…

I finally did it. I am now a proud owner of iPad 16G wifi/3G version. I spent a bomb on this gadget but I’m happy about my purchase. The stuff that people were talking about the iPad being this and that negative, well I’m very pleased with my iPad and it’s worth the money I paid for.

I’m s0 glad that I opted out from my ‘Patient Malaysian’ stance. :p

I am writing this post using my iPad and I can tell you that it’s the best feeling I’ve ever had since I bought my iPhone 3GS in February this year.

Will be posting more about this as soon as I ‘tire’ with the iPad…

Apple iPad at Centrepoint, KK?

Apple iPad

I was in KK a few days ago when came across a vendor selling Apple iPad for RM2700 per piece. Naturally I was taken aback as I thought the product (unreleased in Malaysia) was only sold at KL’s Low Yat. Again I wrestled with my inner demons on whether to buy Steve Jobs’ latest offering or not.

I then decided not to; you see I download comic books through iPhone’s comiXology and Marvel apps. I fear that once after I buy the iPad, I might not able  to download comics using my current iTunes account as iPad is not yet officially released here in Sabah Malaysia.

So I guess I’ll wait for it to arrive here in 2011, which is my own estimate as Apple has further delayed the iPad’s international release date.

I’ve waited so long for iPhone to released here so I guess I can wait longer for iPad.

By the way does anyone know when Apple is unlocking its iTunes music store in Malaysia?

iPad at Low Yat KL?

Apple's Magical iPad

I was shopping today at Low Yatt building KL’s biggest techno complex. While shopping, I happened upon Apple’s iPad at the shopping complex. It was right in front of me and I noticed that it is rather small of course being slightly less than 10 inches.

I was pretty amused as I know Apple hasn’t yet officially launch the iPad for the international market. Just recently it was announced that the iPad will be launched internationally by end of May instead of end of April as it was previously announced.

Anyway, being curious I went and asked the seller of the price and on whether does it work well with the Malaysian App Store. The price he gave me was RM 2450. He couldn’t understand the second question that I poised at him. I took it as he doesn’t know anything about the iPad’s function let alone tried it out for himself as the box was still wrapped in its sealed up plastic.

I backed off later after that. Even if I was crazy enough to buy the machine, but could’ve it worked here properly in Malaysia? Or do I have to rely on these guys to upgrade the device for me like they did with the iPhone first generation?

Being an Apple enthusiast, of course I would love to own one but not this way. RM 2450 is a hefty price to pay for a device that costs a whole lot more less.

As keen as I am in owning an iPad, I shall wait and when it is available for release here, I would order it via Apple Online Store. I recently ordered an iPod touch via online and there wasn’t any hassle at all. Pretty good huh?

Guess I’ll be patient and wait till the end of May.

iPhone 3GS It Is (Of iPhone Or Android? Part 2)

Apple's iPhone 3GSOk it is done. I’m officially an iPhone user. And I’m writing this with the device! I can say I have no regrets switching from the BlackBerry series. Everything is amazing about this phone and I can assure you that I’ll be blogging quite frequently now that I’ve finally gotten hold of the best phone ever. No question about that from me.

Texting with the iPhone is a breeze compared with the BlackBerry Storm. For one, with the iPhone you don’t have to apply too much pressure on the touch screen when typing. I remember having half cramped thumbs after tapping the Storm’s virtual keyboard. I also remember the stress I developed just by doing that!


It has been since I switched over from the BlackBerry Storm to iPhone. The first week was overwhelming due to the games on it; I just couldn’t stop playing with them. The cheapest games at the iTunes app store are priced at 0.99(USD) cents the highest so far is Final Fantasy 1 & 2 sitting on 9.99 dollars. Now I’ve about 50 apps inside iPhone and they have since helped keeping my sanity intact while I go through the daily rigors of business. I told my friends the significant difference between iPhone and BlackBerry is that the latter’s annoying blinking red light flashes whenever there’s calls or messages. No doubt on BlackBerry’s excellent push e-mail feature but I find it pretty stressful whenever the red light pops up. You can’t turn it off in case you’re wondering. Whereas with iPhone, it’s push e-mail is subdued; i find it almost a minute slower than BlackBerry. However I appreciate the delay and absence of the led light. I notice that I’m more relaxed while working which is actually good for my health.

I find the video features on iPhone to be very stable in comparison to BlackBerry Storm. So far whenever I played movie files on iPhone it never hangs. The Storm hangs most of the time and needs constant rebooting and the loading time will take up to 10 minutes. Whereas iPhone’s reboot time clocks under a minute. To be fair, iPhone’s problem for me so far is the Internet data. Sometimes iPhone gets clogged up that it couldn’t access the net but every reboot it becomes good again.

Actually there’s more to rave about iPhone but I think I’ll stop here at this moment. iPhone is indeed a revolutionary masterpiece and it feels great to own one.

Hmmm, I wonder how’s the iPad coming along…

Of iPhone Or Android? Part One

Okay… If things goes well as planned, I might treat myself to an (drum-rolls) iPhone 3GS!

Or an Android (what the…?)

Yeah yeah I know I’ve been raving a lot about my BlackBerry Storm. Well I suppose the honeymoon has now ended. Texting-wise, the BlackBerry Bold still wins hands down and that is the most important feature of the BlackBerry brand. I agree mostly with one reviewer who commented that the Storm was rushed job created to be inserted in the thriving touchscreen market.

Having tried the iPhone of which I find comfortable to use, I thought again, if given a choice… I would definitely choose the iPhone. That was the idea until I took another stroll to my favourite mobile products shoppe this evening.

I was almost taken by the HTC Magic. That’s right the Google phone. The…the…


I managed to test-run the mobile and it was one of the coolest smart-phone I ever come across. Light and slim in comparison to the good ol’ Storm which is heavy and chunky. It even has push email. The keyboard is the standard portrait and horizontal feature which is now common in most of the touch-screen smart-phones. I particularly like the little buzzes that it makes while one types on it. I suppose its the answer to the Storm’s click-able touch-screen.

Its cheap at RM 1499 though I’m not too sure of its data charges.

This kind of decision to make is familiar though not easy. Classic example was to choose between the iPhone and the Storm. I chose the Storm because of its push email facilities plus I already bought the darn thing!

Anyway this is an interesting topic for me to rant about. Also to avoid my last fiasco, I’m taking this one slow and steady.

End Part One

A Decade Of BlackBerry

Below is an excerpt on the BlackBerry story taken from Engadget. What appealed to me is the clever use of all the BlackBerry devices into this one image montage. I’m a BlackBerry devotee so stuff like this interests me 🙂
For your info, my BB Storm is now working for me so well that it is impossible to let it go. Texting on the Storm’s touchscreen is the least desirable activity and because of of this I switched back to the Bold twice.
Yes the texting features  of the Bold is second to none however its smaller screen size and non-touch sensitive screen causes me to move on completely from the Bold and to fully embrace the Storm.
I’ve recently purchased BB’s Documents To Go office series in order to get its PDF viewer feature. With that investment I can now read PDF files whenever and wherever I would be at. And the Storm’s wider and taller screen really makes a difference in my viewing experience.
Last year (2009…) in December, I was given an offer by my mobile carrier Maxis to purchase an iPhone for RM 999 only. Maxis also said that this offer will only be available till 31st December 2009. I was put in an uncomfortable situation because I had just gotten my BB Storm in November and suddenly another dream gadget was dangled right in front of me.
After thinking long and hard, I’ve decided to give the iPhone another miss. Being a businessman having a push e-mail service and BB Messenger at my disposal is most convenient. Also I’m not very good with owning 2 phones!
Anyway enough of me, read the article below 🙂
By Chris Ziegler
The year is 1999. Bill Clinton is the President of the United States, gas is 94 cents a gallon, Bondi Blue iMacs are a staple in dorm rooms across the country, and Microsoft is trying to bring the desktop Windows experience to the pocket, pushing its Palm-size PC concept (after Palm had quashed the original “Palm PC” branding) on a world still feeling jilted by the failures of the Apple Newton.
3Com subsidiary Palm and its heavyweight licensee Handspring have figured out something interesting about the still-nascent PDA market, though: people like simplicity. If an electronic organizer does what it says it’s going to do, keeps your information in sync with your PC, runs for forever and a day on a single set of batteries, and does it all with a minimum of fuss, people will buy.
It’s an exciting, challenging, and rapidly-changing era in the mobile business.

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