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The NRD And Me :o)

I just got back from the National Registration Department (NRD) after enquiring the status of my MyKad.

2 weeks ago I opened up a bank account in the city. As the registration officer glanced through my details, she noted that,under the ‘Ugama’ category, I’m Islam. I had the shock of my life which somehow later diluted itself into amusement. I even joked that I can finally apply for projects and bank loans with ease. All I got to do is change my name!

Anyway I let it slide for a week and then I was back again at the bank to sort out a few items. Out of curiosity, I asked once again what’s my religion. The officer then typed on her keyboard and this time gave me a print-out that says ‘Tiada Maklumat‘. I supposed that’s an improvement, I joked.

So today I went to the NRD of my district ( the place was jammed-packed today for god knows whatever reason) to sort out this predicament. The NRD clerk at the counter was appalled when she heard my story. She looked shaken-up. (Understand that the previous Red IC incident is still fresh in everybody’s mind…) I assured her that I understand computer mess ups occurs all the time and that I’m just trying to solve my problem and needed her co-operation. She then told me to produce my baptism certificate and then proceed to renew my MyKad. I told her thanks also that I’ll come back later and that’s that.

I am not angry about this. I can accept that people do make mistakes and (after much venting) I’m ever ready to forgive. However, there  is no excuse if the wrong doing hasn’t been rectified properly. The problem that’s facing our country right now is that the government is struggling to overcome its incompetence and negligence ( let’s not forget corruption, by the way).

The computer systems that the government departments are using right now are outdated. I noticed today that the government is still heavily relying on Windows based operating systems. Yes, this is to cut cost as they’re definitely cheaper (and ‘profitable’ if you know what I mean ) and when the computers crashes, these ‘tech-savvy’ officers get to ‘fix’ them without engaging outside help. I think it’s because there’s no budget for such thing? (We’ll never be sure with these kind of stuff, I mean if JKR can be abused what more the others,right?)

Coming back to our MyKad issue, well, apparently the NRD clerk has given me some outdated advise. According to The Star ,NRD Director-General Datuk Mohd Abdul Halim Muhammad said “…those faced with the predicament need only only fill up one form (Form A) to rectify the mistake…there is no need for a statutory declaration before the Commissioner of Oaths or a baptism certificate from a church or a letter from a temple priest, or any other documents…” Read more here. And here.


What more can I possibly say?

Anyway, at least now I know that I got 2 options. Do I:

1) Go all out and express my outrage about not only of the injustice inflicted to my religion but also of the outdated advice that was given to resolve my situation?


2) Just give them the baptism certificate (I’m sure it’s somewhere in the house) and get on with my (and her) life because I have better other things to do?

To the suspicious mind, all these apparent goof-ups by the NRD are only ploys to Islamize the unwitting. Can we be blamed for allowing such thoughts to enter our minds? I may be jumping the gun at this point but how much longer shall we stand and watch this shallowness that is causing so much tension in religion among the citizens? 

Malaysia used to be the envy of the world due to our ability to tolerate other people’s religion and race. I suppose those days are already over. We now await for the official announcement…


Stephan George – Malaysian Citizen with Red IC Ref.No.12071011-20080227-114402

Stephan George, Red IC Holder Malaysian Citizen,Daily Express, 07/10/2008
This man’s story is a classic case of how negligent the National Registration Department can be. The government don’t seem interested in looking out for the welfare of its citizen. When I read Stephan George’s story, I couldn’t help feeling hopeless and angry at the same time. Imagine his father tried since 1975 to register his Malaysian citizenship to no avail. Imagine being considered a Permanent resident in your own country.
From what I’ve read from Stephan’s story, since 1975 until today, the response that he got from politicians and government departments alike are just these few words; “still under process” without been given any clue when the matter can be resolved. Stephan has been given the same excuses for the past 33 years. He is now 52 years old.
My disappointment with the government is tremendous to the point that I have no more faith in it. Why can’t the Malaysian government be like the Australian government where the citizens are enjoying the benefits from paying their taxes to the establishment? Why is it always Malay first and other bumiputras last? Right now, Sabah is so infested with illegal immigrants with Blue ICs that it makes me feel so sick in the gut. 
Everybody knows that the current state government is in control of the Illegal immigrants. The powers-that-be uses these illegals to prolong their grip on power. That is why the opposition in Sabah kept on losing over and over again despite winning the popular vote. Everyone knows this. 
Where is the justice?
The situation is getting worse in Sabah and I hope the leaders would do something about it.
With due respect to Bernard Dompok, who’ll bring this matter up in the cabinet, I doubt the present government would even care to listen to him. They simply won’t care. Sadly he’s fighting a lonely battle over at the federal level.
UMNO and BN is pushing Sabah closer and closer towards its breaking point.
Anyway, read all about Stephan’s story here :- NST Online,  Malaysia Today, and Audie61’s Weblog

Bernama SMS 07/10/2008

SEPANG: AirAsia plans to fly to America, Europe & Africa after its success in flying to 11 Asean countries/BERNAMA

SAPP Expose MyKad Scandal

“How is it possible that a Malaysian, who has been here for years and years, is denied a MyKad and citizenship and yet there are many cases of foreigners who obtain MyKad through dubious means?”  Datuk Eric Majimbun SAPP Deputy President and MP for Sepanggar’s Press Conference on 4th October 2008

I read one the most disturbing news since Pak Lah increased the fuel price. That is the Mykad outrage here in Sabah. Eric Majimbun, Member of Parliament for Sepanggar exposed this scandal yesterday at a press conference. 
All I know is that our rights as Sabahans are in danger of being eroded. Even worse our rights have already been eroded. These illegal immigrants are now everywhere in Sabah. They are also suspected of aiding the Barisan Nasional Sabah’s winning streaks in every elections that they ever stood in. That’s how UMNO Sabah kept everything in check. If you ask any of the illegals who their benefactors are, they would openly tell you. And it concurred with the articles on this topic that RPK himself once posted in Malaysia Today. (I’ve tried searching for it but couldn’t locate it.)
But I don’t see the point of backing this up with points when it is painfully obvious that the problem is right out there. When I drive out from my home I can already see them. If we want to complain, they’ve already gotten to the police. If you catch them and deport them, they’ll always find their way back into the state.
Right now the general sentiments is that the government should be finding solutions in rectifying these problems. Instead of bickering about and jockeying for power the government of the day should sit down and get things into order.
I commend Eric Majimbun for his courage by exposing this delicate scandal. My respects to everybody in SAPP for being courageous in standing up for their beliefs. SAPP is now going all out now to make things right. What they’re doing now will indeed cause an impact to the next generation of Sabahan leaders by inspiring them to lead Sabah towards a better future. 
Their sacrifices will not be in vain. The next General Elections will be theirs to reap.

Breach of M’sia Agreement: Yong

Breach of M’sia Agreement: Yong

Daily Express via Malaysia Today

Kota Kinabalu: Placing the National Registration Department (NRD) under the State Government will be a long-term solution to the many problems affecting the people like Yong Lee Hua, said Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) President Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee.

“The State Government should initiate discussions with the Federal Government to make the NRD a State department,” he said in a statement, Tuesday.

Yong said it has to be reminded to the NRD that under the terms of the 1963 Malaysia Agreement every resident of Sabah (North Borneo) on the formation of Malaysia was automatically accepted as a citizen of the federation (of Malaysia).

“By virtue of her being a Sabah native in 1963, it is clear that she qualified as a Malaysian citizen. What the NRD had done to Yong Lee Hua @ Piang Lin is a breach of the Malaysia Agreement and could be taken to a court of law.

“How can a genuine Sabahan Malaysian lose her citizenship so casually whereas foreigners can become citizens so easily?,” he asked.

“This is why the case of Yong Lee Hua@Piang Lin has infuriated many people to the extent that even the Chief Minister has to tell the authorities to rectify the problems,” he said.

“With the media coverage and immense pressure from Upko and the intervention of the Chief Minister, I believe that the case of Yong Lee Hua @ Piang Lin will be resolved.”

Yong said if Upko, whose President is the most senior in the Federal Cabinet after the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister and the Sabah Chief Minister cannot resolve this case, then nothing will.

“But what is more worrying is whether there are other cases of genuine Sabahans losing their Malaysian citizenships without the due process of law,” he said.

He said what has happened in the recent decade is that many foreigners were able to obtain citizenship documents whether through legal or dubious means.

“These new citizens have become not only Malaysians but Sabahans with right of abode and employment in Sabah. These new citizens in Sabah have therefore acquired rights that surpass that of other Malaysians in Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak,” he said.

These people could enter and remain in Sabah whereas other genuine Malaysians (from Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak) are still subject to immigration controls and work passes.

He claimed that by joining Umno, many of these new citizens have also acquired political privileges and positions of influence in many districts.

“Some have even been successfully considered as bumiputeras and can own native lands and enjoy other rights and privileges that surpass millions of other Malaysian non-bumiputeras,” he said.

He reminded that under the terms of the formation of Malaysia in 1963, entry in Sabah and Sarawak comes under the respective State Governments and that the only persons the State authority cannot prohibit from entering the State are federal civil servants on official duties in the State concerned.

“The spirit and intent of the Malaysia Agreement was to protect the Borneo states (Sabah and Sarawak),” he said.

He recalled a time in the 1980s when even a Member of Parliament from peninsula was put on a wheelchair and forcibly evicted from Sabah at the old Kota Kinabalu airport in Tanjong Aru.

“Although many people did not agree with the abuse of the State’s immigration powers in such manner, that power remains intact because the Director of Immigration complied with a State directive, he said.

“But there is no assurance that the director will comply with State directives if his superiors and (federal) Minister were to disagree with a directive of the State.

“After all, some directives are administrative and discretionary in nature and not a matter of strict law that an officer of the government must comply with,” he said.

– Daily Express, Sabah

SAPP to show proof of Sabah MyKad scandal

SAPP to show proof of Sabah MyKad scandal

Evidence of illegal issuance of MyKad to foreigners will be released by the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) on Saturday.

The MP for Sepanggar, Datuk Eric Majimbun, said he would reveal the details that led to a population explosion in the state.
“Just imagine, our population increased by 285 per cent between 1970 and 2000,” he said. “I will bare all, including proof of people not born in Sabah becoming Malaysian citizens (in Sabah).”

Majimbun, who is also SAPP deputy president, was at the state government’s Hari Raya open house in Likas, hosted by Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman on Wednesday.

Depressing Situations

The family and I visited the in-laws last night. While we were there, the topic of the 78-year-old Malaysian-citizen-turned-red-IC-holder came up. How did this whole debacle ever happened?

According to the Upko president Bernard Dompok, it seems that the root of this fiasco lies with the National Registeration Dept (NRD)’s negligence with the local sensitivities. For instance just because there’s a ‘Yong’ in the application, the officer would assume the applicant to be chinese. To hell with the anak negeri. Sino-Kadazan? Never heard of it. So therefore you are categorically an non-bumiputra. Dompok said his deputy, Wilfred Bumburing was being frustrated when said that Upko should review its status in the BN. Dompok also said that most members of his party shares Bumburing’s frustration.

I don’t blame him.

I am right now pissed off with my struggling in keying this whole thing into my tiny mobile and at the same time reluctantly trying to recall one of the MANY ridiculous incidents that has ever occurred in our beloved Sabah.

My wife asked whether we can sue the NRD. My reply was to the effect that once you do that, piss off the wrong people then you get to chit-chat with RPK pretty much for a very long time. Today’s (Oct.3rd) Daily Express, page 6, Jeffrey Kitingan, a former ISA detainee, said there were times where he and former inmates had to supplement their food intake by trapping snakes and birds. Though there’s food however the portion is meagre.

So piss off the government at your own peril unless of course you need to go on a diet…

This is what pisses me off about the government. When there’s a problem that needs dealing with, just call upon the ISA and they’ll come-a-running to clean up the mess.

The government’s tactic in dealing with the populace is to instill paralyzing fear. That’s why they incarcerated people like RPK hoping their actions might dampened other people from voicing out. It doesn’t work and it’ll never work. Just yesterday a handful of RPK supporters wearing ‘Free RPK’ t-shirts appeared at the Prime Minister’s Hari Raya Open House. They were asking for the release of RPK. The PM appeared to be visibily amused. Soon after that, 200 Hindraf supporters also turned up to request the release of their members.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll never get a fair hearing and sentence. The powers-that-be will always win. In Malaysia it is exclusively for absolute power the top leaders are clinging onto. I suppose you can say that power, like drugs, can be addictive. And when a person who is a power junkie gets backed to a corner like let’s say, March 8, then the withdrawal symptons are difficult. It’s going to get ugly in the coming days.

Ever seen a politician doing cold turkey? Brrrr. Neither have I.

Even though there are many questions about this country’s issues that needs resolving but the ones in power aren’t doing anything. Some tried, mind you, but most opted for doing nothing. Why disturb the easy life, right?

Times are bad right now both economically and politically. I’m hoping to see some changes soon.

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